Where will my relative / friend be taken?
The deceased will be transported to the Park County Coroner facility in Fairplay, CO. Park County has agreements with Jefferson and El Paso Counties to perform autopsies and provide specialized forensic services. Any questions regarding your case must be directed to the Park County Coroner at (719) 836-4340.

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1. Where will my relative / friend be taken?
2. When can I get a death certificate?
3. Where do I obtain death certificates?
4. Will an autopsy be performed?
5. Why is the Coroner involved?
6. What about tissue / organ donation?
7. Is it necessary for me to personally identify the body?
8. Is viewing allowed?
9. What should I do now?
10. If there are no funds for funeral arrangements, what can I do?
11. How long before the Coroner releases my relative / friend?
12. Will autopsy and Coroners reports be available?
13. How can I recover personal possessions?
14. Will I be charged for Coroner services?