License Information

Park County requires all general contractors to have an appropriate contractor license, issued by Park County, to contract for construction work in the unincorporated areas of Park County and any regions where Park County has an Intergovernmental Agreement. Park County also requires that excavation contractors, roofing contractors and mechanical contractors carry a Park County Contractor License (PDF).

License Renewal

Contractor Licenses (PDF) expire on December 31 of each year and will need to be renewed within 30 days. Although the Building Department sends out a notice of renewal, it is your responsibility to make sure your license and insurance are current. If your license is not renewed within 30 days of expiration you will need to re-test where applicable and pay the new license fee. Park County will place files inactive for a $50 fee, which will expire on December 31 of each year. To bring your file back to Active Status you must renew for the appropriate fee and present a current Certificate of Liability Insurance or sign the waiver if applicable. We do not pro-rate licenses. Any license issued after July 1 will expire the end of the following year.